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Liuhua Congee House

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Liuhua Congee House
Meng Yuan Ming Hong Ting, inside Liuhua Park, Renmin Beilu, 人民北路流花公园勐苑茗红厅
  • Phone:
    +86 20 8668 0108 ‎
  • Category
    • Chinese
  • Opening
    • 24H
  • Price
    • $$

Liuhua Congee House is a very local and cool restaurant with a giant pool full of enormous fish. You can even point and catch one of those fishes for you. There are two best things in this place, which are the beautiful outdoor patio ambiance and the fact that it opens 24h. It is also a great place for a club night. Make sure to try the jiou gou -- as opposed to Sichuan hou gou (hotpot). Essentially, its delicious hotpot made with congee.

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